Are High End Drums a Giant Waste of Money?


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Are watching videos like that a giant waste of time? :unsure:
The internet's obsession with doing videos for everything in the past 10 years has to do with increased ad revenue, nothing more.

The vast majority of videos that exist on youtube would benefit more by being an article.

But articles can be skimmed, or searched for via keywords, so you spend less time on the page, and thus less money on ads. Videos are elongated, thus more ad time.


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those who just want to be that rock star with top of the line gear.

i did it GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

My chops suck but I'm the coolest dude in my village!!1


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Same as the car forum and their debates over if the luxury versions of x or y is a total waste of money. I don't know. Does it have nicer seats, a more comfortable ride, a quieter cabin, just all around prettier to look at? It may not be worth it to some. I remember a guy made a video a while back of how he rebadged his Corolla with Lexus badges and "everyone" thought he was really driving a Lexus. Not a chance that would fly with any enthusiast, but it made him feel better about himself, I'm sure. We see it on drums too, with DW heads on PDP, etc. Having played cheap low-end kits most of my life, I'm sure enjoying my mid to upper tier Gretsch. The hardware is awesome and so is their tone. Would I consider a lacquered set for twice as much a waste? Not a chance. As much as I like my wrapped finish, nothing quite tops the depth and beauty of a nice woodgrain with deep high gloss finish. That finish costs way more to make than my wrap, so I'd buy them if I could. maybe I'd even sleep with them!


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Yes. Everyone (including big name pros) should buy some Stage Customs, a used Acro, orphan old As and just be done with it. Everything else is simply hype and marketing… snake oil-selling bastards trying to rob us common folk of every red cent.
I have, and use, a Stage Custom kit and a used Acrolite. I agree it’s all I would ever need.

However, I DID want something nicer and got a Tour Custom too.


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Rob Brown presents a reasonable case. In different personal circumstances, I’d probably have a decent quality & robust kit to cover most of my gigs, leaving the Guru’s at home.

I may still do that one day, but here’s the thing, I built those drums to be played. I built those drums with a distinctive manner of delivery in mind that I can’t replicate elsewhere, & if anything happens to them, I’m in the unique position of being able to repair them.