Arcade Fire


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I wasnt sure where to put this- but I think its nice to be put in your place in the cosmos every now and then.

I have been a fan of this band for a while and I have just watched a live performance from them and I was left in awe. Not only are they fantastic musicians but so many of the band switch and change so many instruments. There are 2 females in the band- one plays violin most of the time and then will jump on a keyboard etc- the guitarist will play that as well as a glockenspiel and the most impressive is Régine Chassagne.

On stage she plays the accordion, drums, xylophone, hurdy-gurdy, keyboards and organ.

Most inpressive for me was watching her sit down at the drums after a few songs and she played open handed. Now that in itself not a mind-blowing thing but with everything else she played and how well she did it- to then play the drums but do it open handed and not regular- just blew me away.

I think to myself trying to improve my drumming and learning the guitar- Its just nice to watch truly gifted musician's


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Thing about them that stands out the most for me is the bass player. Love the way he plays.


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Yeah I'm pretty sure all of them can do mutiple things- It was just humbling to watch someone- not only perform in front of a very large crowd- but play mutiple instruments and play them all like they were their main instrument!