Aquarian texture coated WOW!

after 30 years playing drums, i just tried my first Aquarian drumheads. i tried the texture coated on the batter side of my 14"16" and "18 Ludwig Legacy Classic and they sound great, tune up very easy. to be honest i put them on late at nite, finger tight then a 1/4 plus another maybe 1/8 turn but spent no time evening them out and the sound is killer.
Remo's have been great, but i wanted to try something else, and i'm very pleased. cant wait to try some Aquarians on ther snares next.


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Yea, Aquarian makes great heads. Their coating lasts forever too.

The heads sound great at all tunings. Tune up those toms to where they really sing; I think you will be impressed.


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I've used Aquarian Texture coated in the past but have been going through some experimentation with Evans and Remo.

One thing I know is that Aquarian heads are the last to die, especially with coating.

I've had some Response 2's on the toms of my Gretsch (gigging) set for about 3 months. I don't know how they do it but the heads look almost brand new. They sound great without ANY dampening. Great sound for rock/blues/pop/funk.

I have a Modern Vintage on one of my snares as well which sounds great.



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I only wish they had more options, like some heads with holes in them or thicker 1-ply heads. (or any heads with a black dot...) But as it stands, I think they are in many ways superior to the other guys. Texture Coateds are great and my Super-2s are very, very good tom heads.


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I do love Aquarian heads.

I love the texture coated (with reverse dot) on my snare. I've used them for years.

I did a full set of Aquarian texture coated all the way around my DW for a while. They were very warm, and gave the kit a vintage style tone. I've since gone to the Super 2, but if (when) I ever get a vintage drum kit, I'll use the Aquarian texture coated for sure.


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how do the super 2's sound on toms? Emperor like?

They are 2 mil thinner than clear or coated emperors (5mil and 7mil on Super-2 as opposed to two 7mils on cl/co Emperor). The Response-2 is a double-7mil head that would be most similar to Emperors, so a Super-2 will give you a bit more resonance and such. Not that much, though, they are very similar heads. Usually I hear people talk about Aquarian heads as being brighter than Remo. I don't own any directly competing models from both, so I can't comment on that.


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switched to aquarian just six months ago.

i bought a ludwig black magic snare for myself christmas of 2011 and they had the triple threat on it. it was amazing!!!

soooo about 6 months ago i was in need of a complete head change around the kit and got some performance 2s. again amazing!!! not a dead head at all. very nice tone with just the right amount of over ring imho.

going to try the super 2s next head change.