Aquarian Force Batter?


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Im in the market for a new bass head and I've been scowering the intrawebz for advice. I've narrowed it down to an Evans EMAD or an Aquarian Superkick 2 for $40 each or.... an Aquarian Force I for $20. The force is what Chris Adler uses and I would assume the force would have more attack than an EMAD or a SK2. Advice?!

Doug Masters

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I have never used the Force 1 but I will recommend the EMAD over the SKII. The EMAD is louder and gives you a lower note (at least to my ear). I use the smaller foam ring and an EQ pad against the reso head. The batter is tuned about 1/2 step higher than the reso. This gives me a nice punchy attack with just enough boom. Some people have had trouble with the plastic ring that holds the foam ring in place and that has happened to me once, but Evans claims they have solved that issue and I have had no problems with my current head which is about 4 months old. If you want Aquarian, I'd choose the SK1 rather than the 2. I find single ply heads to be louder and have a lower fundamental pitch then a two ply.


I've used SKI, SKII, the EMAD, and the Full Force Head combos.

My preferences:

If the kit is to be miked full time, the SKI resonator combo

This set-up is not nearly so dead as the SKII is easy to tune and I can't recall any micing idiosyncracies.

If not the Full Force I and II no ports no muffling. (other than the vented ring thingie on the Full Force heads)

Fairly wide open set-up. Great attack, Good thump, Good resonance and the ring thing trims down just a touch of the high end overtones. This combo I tune higher than the SKI and is what I currently run.