appreciate your opinions re:new book/CD project


hey friends

I have been marketing an idea to music ed. publishers and am close to a deal. I'd like to have your opinions.
The project is tentatively titled Modern Cuban Drumset Playalong. It will feature 6-8 songs played by one of
Cuba's most popular bands, with and without drums. The drummer (gotta remain nameless for now) is amazing.
My idea is to present a project (book/CD and dig. download) that will appeal to beginners, intermediate and advanced players.
Lots of exercises to get started, then transcriptions of the actual drum grooves, which are amazing and, of course, full charts.

What do you think? Is this an interesting project that many drummers will enjoy? I'd appreciate your opinions.

Thanks so much,


Alain Rieder

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It sounds terrific Chuck, I will buy it for sure as soon as it comes out !

20 or more years ago, I first learned about the Songo from your articles in Rhythm magazine. Then I also have some of your books and I especially like the one about the James Brown rhythm sections.

As far as digital download is concerned, do you mean it would be available as mp3s and a pdf that anybody can print and reprint ?

I'm an author too and I see Apple's iPad as a possible mean of having books in a digital format that could be read on a music stand, but is there a way to protect our work from being shared too widely?



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Hey Chuck! I think it's a great idea to get some spicy Cuban drumming out there and more widely available. While I don't get a chance to play Latin/Cuban stuff with the band (punk), I think it's great for working on coordination.....and making everything else easier, Haha. Good luck!