Anything "special" about Ludwig Supraphonic snares?


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The original one just had two wires snap, so I replaced it with a puresound. Am I missing anything by getting a replacement of the original?


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I don't think you're missing anything. As far as I know there's nothing special about the snares on a Supra. A lot of people like the pure sounds I have one set on a snare drum but can't remember exactly what you drum it's on LOL. I bought a Supra from the eighties I think. It's in pretty bad shape cosmetically. And it just has regular has regular ol cheap snare wires on it and I like it just fine. I have read on various threads that a lot of people prefer the inexpensive Snappy snares over most of the expensive ones. However all of that is subject to your own ears.


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I use the basic Gibraltar snare wires on all of my snares. They seem identical to Ludwig's current snare wires.

I've tried a lot of different snare wires and I keep coming back to the most simple ones I can find.


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I may be in the minority, but I actually PREFER the cheap Ludwig snares. (y)
I do as well! I've tried several of the Puresound wires, and still prefer the cheap Ludwig & Gibraltar ones. I've heard good things about the Canopus wires, but I'm perfectly happy with the cheapos.