Anyone Welcome me in the house?


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Hello my name is Tanya, I live in Kansas. I'm a music teacher and my son loves drums. The other day he told me about this forum and thought I should join.
I'm I too old for such?


Jeremy Bender

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Welcome Tanya.
There's a wealth of knowledge and experience level on this forum, from the beginning student to seasoned veterans and touring pros.
Not to mention the vast Drummerworld website to explore.
No you're not too old... We have Grandparents here!
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Second that-never too old. In fact though it ranges from teens to senior citizens I'd wager the mean is over 40. It's encyclopedic cornucopia of everything related to drums-sometimes that relation is really tenuous.


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Welcome from the other side of the world -I'm 66 and the forum has been a great source of inspiration, motivation and learning. Not to mention just plain amusing at times.


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Welcome to The Forum. I'm 58 and live in Kansas also. There's a lot of interesting conversations, good advice what not in this forum. I look through the new posts nearly every day.

Old Dog new Cans

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Yes - you're too old.


Welcome to the forum.
Ouch! Lol

Has your son been playing at all Tanya? Are YOU teaching him personally, or have you found him a percussion/drum specific teacher?

As soon as I had drum sticks in my hand, I KNEW I was a drummer. It came very natural to me. Well, the easy stuff in the beginning did anyway. Good Luck!