Anyone wanna help me figure out these songs?


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So, there are a few songs I want to learn, but I can't quite make out all the drum parts because my ears are untrained and the rest of the music is too distracting...
If anyone wants to help my lame ass delineate these, I would very much appreciate it.
First, Gil Sleeping by The Horrors. I love this song, and I can partially make out some of the drums, but mostly all I can focus on is the wailing guitar... I've looked for covers or isolated drum parts for both songs and came up empty. I know I can play it once I figure out how it goes!

Second, Future Starts Slow by The Kills. Yes, I know it's a drum machine, but the basis of the drum part isn't hard, save for the intricate hi-hats, but I can't distinguish the toms/bass drum and whatever.
Please save tiny pea brain from this anguish

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My advice is, learn to use a simple recording program and load the mp3 and you can loop a measure or two and play along until you understand what they are playing. This works well for any music that you are learning by ear.

They don't sound like difficult parts, just a little odd. Once you get started, there are probably just a couple variations of the same riffs.