Anyone using a Sennheiser e902?


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Anyone use one of these for a bass mic?
I bought one a while back, but haven't done any recording with it yet.
Feedback on placement and results would be appreciated. ;)
I have it's cheaper brother, the e602.

This guy uses an e902 often, and may have a vid on it... He appears to be using it here:

The e602 works well on the beater, off the beater, on the batter, and off of the batter. I haven't found a position where it doesn't capture what I'm after.

It also feels a but more omnidirectional that the B52 that I was accustomed to using, and is more forgiving of sub-optimal placement. The downside of that is that you can't come too far off the beater in the back of the kit, because you catch too much snare and floor tom, so you'll want a port to capture off-the-beater and come in from the front.
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