Anyone use a looper with their drum kit?

I'm putting together a trio with a couple friends. Two of us play drums as well as guitar and bass, so I'm planning using a kick,snare, and hat and setting up loops to play over on some songs. I've messed around with a looper with my guitar, and it was clear that it takes a bit of practice to get things working smoothly. The band Whitehorse do a good job of using loopers with drums, but they're the only ones I've seen do it live.

Does anyone have experience using a loop pedal with drums? Any reccomendations regarding the ease of use of any particular pedal, or any pointers on making it work live?


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I don't have any experience doing it, but I've seen it done. Here's a really cool video:

I'm not going to try to start a debate here, but I'm not sure how comfortable I would be if I were THAT dependent on technology to put on a show. Just because the looper(s)/technology works 20 times in a row doesn't mean that it's going to work every time. This concern probably comes from years and years of playing out with really crummy, cheap equipment.

Another thing is that I think that it's a cool novel approach; however, would my audience want to watch me "build" a song for first 2 minutes of every song I play live? I'm not saying yes. I'm not saying no. However, it's a question worth considering.


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Lots of different loop stations out there. I own two. Both by Electro-Harmonix. I have a 16 Second Delay. That has a built in click/meter. My other looper, is a Nano 360. That does not have a click. The loop simply starts/stops when you press the button.​
Other popular loopers out there. The Pigtronix Infinity looper. The Digitech Jamman series ..... and the Boss RC series. Lots of demo's on Youtube to help you decide (or not).​