Anyone try a gelcoat?

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Backstory: I traded that Drumcraft kit to a very nice pro drummer for a Rogers kit with a pretty mangled wrap. De-wrapped the whole kit, fixed some ply separation issues and cleaned up the hardware. The shells are in good shape, a bit more time on the prep and they might be a good candidate for paint. I had been looking at the Jammin' sam's wrap and just get a local drum builder to apply it for me. I'd be looking at somewhere between 2 and 3 bills. for everything.

My Question: I recently had the thought of using a gelcoat on the shells. I want a very sparkly vintage finish on these drums. Preferably a Champagne sparkle but that stuff is harder to find than beers at a Mormon BBQ. I was wondering if it is possible to have a gelcoat applied to the plywood shells and what a job like that would end up costing me.

I'm in the Phoenix area, so if anyone could recommend a good gelcoat-er in my area I'd be much obliged. The reason I'm interested in gelcoat is because it would be much more resistant to damage than a painted finish. Or so I believe, please correct me if I'm wrong. If I could go with a good, durable flake paint job as well for about 2-3 bills then I'm open to that idea too.

Thanks in advance for your advice on the matter. Very excited to have a beautiful vintage kit that I can take out and show off.


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Go find a good auto paint shop.
They have the equipment and expertise to a refinish.
The owner of Thumper Drums clued me in on that.

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Thanks for the reply. I actually just ranted about this in another thread but I'll leave my findings in here as well for the benefit of any other types that have the same idea.

Called a couple of fiberglass shops here in town, the 3rd shop I called was actually able to give me an answer about putting a gelcoat over wood. Bottom line is that it won't work, coating adheres to FG but not wood, would flake off after a few months.

I called a local custom auto shop, owner seemed cool, and I'm going to meet with him next weekend to look at color samples and discuss costs.