Anyone remember who did this solo?


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Roy Cooper did some stuff that caught my attention on Elton John's "Here and There" double-live album. He really knows how to project an emotion, as well as command an audience.


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A live album at the time that hasn't been mentioned yet, Bursting Out by Jethro Tull. Barrimore Barlow plays a great solo, just not latin influenced.


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How did you hear this solo in the first place? I'm guessing it's not a record you owned, or you'd have your answer. Did it get airplay back in the day?
It was getting some air play on classic rock stations I'll guess around 1980. This thing is right on the tip of my brain.


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Eventually Ray Cooper - Steve Ferrone the second half of the Drum Solo - something Latin with Ray Cooper Bongos....and final gong of course...

Steve Ferrone - Ray Cooper
Eric Clapton - Mark Knoepfler - Nathan East - Elton John
Sunshine Of Your Love and Percussion Solo
Knebworth Festival - 1990
lol, thanks Bernard!

Now there's a drummer we should never forget. Ray Cooper, what a player. There aren't too many drummers or percussionists who jump at the chance to pick up a microphone, but he obviously loved doing it.

My performance year guess was off by a decade. I'm sure there's a drummer with bad time joke to be made in there somewhere.
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