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Please post your comments as no one has updated any info on them yet. Do you like the sound, sizes, looks. Worth the money or spend the extra hundred and get the Masters Maple Complete minus the extra floor tom?


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I have not played them, but I've watched every video I could find on them while I was shopping for a new kit. On paper, the sound of Birch/Mahogany shells is very appealing to me. The attack of Birch and the warmth of Mahogany? Sign me up!

However, Session Studio Selects seem to come with Pinstripe heads, so the demo videos were not the sound I was looking for. Perhaps they would be with Ambassadors?

Since I don't like Pinstripes for most things, it gave me a bad feeling about those drums. Is Pearl basically saying these drums sound best with Pinstripes? That would be a negative for me if true. But I have no way of knowing if my worries are unfounded or not.

Btw, I ended up going with a Gretsch Renown with 20" kick in Vintage Pearl. This kit sounds AMAZING and I highly recommend it.


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I'm in the new market too.

I have been looking at the masters maple, and also the starclassic maple. So many amazing kits in the mid tier right now..


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I purchased the Sessions but have been on backorder for a while now. Was considering the Masters Maple but I like that birch sound over maple throw in the Mahagony and ya get a nice sound in the middle. Looking forward to them. I like the fact you get the free 14inch floor tom was sort of a minus considering the Masters Maple. I like the 2 up 2 down. That's another $500 if I went that route ontop of what I already paid. Same hardware just different woods and finishes. I mostly play at home so considering the extra $500 to get the extra floor tom is what did it for me. I went and purchased a Pearl Aluminum Sensitone w that extra money and now I'm set. Guess it's all a matter of what wood you like and what your using it for. I hope I made a good decision. Never played them cause no one has them. Just YouTube videos that's why I was asking around if anyone played them if they liked them. Will update someday when i get them. May be purchasing the Masters Maple if they don't come anytime soon.


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I was also looking into the Pearl Decade Maple and Pearl Crystal Beats but they don't come w good hardware or hoops as the Sessions and Masters Maple. I also considered outside the pearl box and thought of going w Ludwig Centennial Motos or Mapex Saturns. Just cant get away from that Pearl make and sound. Lifetime warranty was sort of a no brainer. Don't think you can go wrong w the Sessions or Masters Maple.