Anyone play a 6.5x13 snare?


When it comes to wood-shelled snare drums, I normally use a 6.5x14 or 5x14 shell. Here recently, I've been thinking about getting a 6.5x13 dw maple 10+6 ply snare. I'm curious how the depth will make up for the loss of body with the smaller diameter. Does anyone have any tips/experience on going with this size snare?.....thanks.


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I play a Black Panther 6.5X13 Blonde Birdseye maple snare I have coated ambassador on top and stock reso w/ stock wires. The snare sounds pretty nice seeing as I only paid 115 for it(I bet it would sound a ton better w/ a new reso and wires) but I think my next snare is going to be a 5X14 metal snare.

I usually have my snare tuned up pretty tight w/ the wires just loose enough to get a nice smooth buzz roll twards the edges(not new oreleans loose :p). I like the fact that it has the adjustable butt plate and strainer but sometimes I will admit it is a pain trying to dial in the wires. Also the fact that its a 13 makes brush playing a little harder as you dont have the same surface area as a 14" drum (its only an inch but it helps) as well as rimshots tend to be less consistant but that could be solved by added a groove wedge or something...

Cheers and best of luck on your snare adventures.