Anyone know what's up with Bo?


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Matt's username is showing as a guest and I'm not seeing any info about it... I don't want to intrude if he wants privacy, rather I'm just wondering if anyone knows?


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I have seen his name appear as 'guest' before. Perhaps he quickly violates a rule, is banned, and returns within 2 microseconds.


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No, there were a few months after the forum crashed that he got locked out of his old account. He formed a new account, and when he got back in his original account the other one was closed. Mystery solved.

What's REALLY wrong with him is he's playing Yamaha. Granted, it's the only major brand he hasn't owned at this point...


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Re title: A comprehensive answer would exceed the max character count of this platform ;)


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He's been away in rehab. His loved ones, concerned that he went through his children's college funds to support his drum addiction, staged an intervention. While in rehab, Bo has lost access to the Internet, lest some drum forum fuel his desire for more gear. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.