Anyone know the fill in Fireball)by Deep Purple) at about 34 seconds?


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3 things I'm unsure of because of the bad youtube quality...

1. exact bass drums parts in the two bars before the fill. It's something like that though. May be a bit more filled in with bass drum. watevs.

2. In the last bar of the fill, I think he plays 5 hits on the snare before going to the toms, but it's at light speed so I could be wrong. Same with the single strokes down the toms, bad quality so I can't tell when he goes from tom to tom.

3. I'm not a genie so I don't know the sticking he used. Alternate sticking works. So does RLRLLRLRRLRL-RLRLRLRLRLRL. Accents from the first bar of the fill are bolded to let you know where they fall.