Anyone know the difference in Remo's Imported Drumheads-UC-UT-UX?


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With "stock" heads on a kit that are Remo heads made in China, I have seen them labeled "UC", "UT" and "UX". Anyone know the difference, or are they all the same?



Matt Bo Eder

The differences between each other? Or the differences between actual Remo heads made in California?

The later is easy: they are substandard.


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I only have experience with the UT heads. They're okay to bang on for a while until getting something better, but for the most part, the best way I can describe them is "slappy". Sort of a dull, somewhat lifeless sound overall.

I took some of my UT's and installed them to the Ludwig junior sized set I bought for my grandson. The UT's are a major upgrade for what those drums are shipped with.
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Les Ismore

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UT is (apparently) a lesser grade of MYLAR, but the hoops are metal, the MYLAR is not cast in resin... probably b/c metal in china is cheaper than quality resin.