Anyone know of any good drum teachers in Colorado?


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I'm trying to find a good teacher anywhere in the Denver area. Can anyone help? I've gone to a few instructors - but they just weren't very helpful.

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I encourage you to try taking live online lessons with Mike Johnston. I've been taking them since he started them this past May, and I love it. Mike is a fantastic player AND a fantastic teacher, and I've learned tons. Plus, you can't beat the price: $19.95 a month, with a beginners lesson on Sundays, an intermediate lesson on Mondays and an advanced lesson on Wednesdays. Lessosn are offered throughout the day to accommodate your schedule.

It's not the same as having personal, in-person lessons with an instructor, but it's as close as you can get. Mike will answer any question you have live on camera.

Anyway, check it out at

P.S. I live in Colorado, too.


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Scott Davies is a very impressive drummer and I like his approach. Plus he'll teach you about more than just drum patterns, you'll learn all sorts of other music related stuff, plus he's a pretty cool guy. Not sure of his rate though.


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What kind of music do you play? If youre into jazz Paul Romaine is the man in Denver. If youre willing to drive Colorado Springs Henrique De Almeida is one of the best players Ive ever heard Period. And hes a great guy. Hes a Berklee gread and sutdied with Alan Dawson, Gary Chaffee, Bob Moses, and John Ramsay. Been teaching since he was 15. I dont know if it would be worth it for you with the drive, but hes my first choice in Colorado. You could also try and hook up with Jim White if you are playing jazz. He teaches at UNC and hes a great player.