Anyone just play "for the fun of it?"


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As I have said before, I play in a 17pc big band. It performs EVERY Tuesday evening in a retirement center or nursing home for which we almost never get paid. There is more than one drummer because our playing area is over 60 miles top to bottom and the same across. I do the scheduling and I try to make sure whomever covers the gig lives fairly close by. The band is made up of mostly 50 to 70 year old players (I am in that group) who have a love for the music. We mostly don't get paid. Occasionally do a paying gig but the pay is very minimal. All of us do it primarily for the love of playing. Last night we had a gig for which I didn't even pull out my main set (5pc Zickos) but used my Pearl Forums that I usually only use for teaching. It was the best gig I ever played. Period. No money, no top of the line kit, just good music.

I also play in a community orchestra for which I have to pay to participate and I play in a three piece jazz combo which has been rehearsing for almost a year and has yet to play it's first gig.

Sure, it's great to get paid for what you do. You don't want to let people take advantage of you and you should be compensated for your efforts. But, I look at it this way. It's cheaper than therapy.


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For fun is the only reason i play, and because i just love to make music period. I've tried the whole band thing several times. Call it bad luck or whatever you want, but for me being in a band always turned into a big drama trip so i just gave it up. I now play at my church with some great musicians and people. I couldn't be happier with where i'm at right now.


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I play almost every day just for fun, and because I like doing it.

When playing in bands got to be 'not fun', I stopped doing it, and went a different way for a long time.

I'd enjoy playing with other people again if the conditions were right though.


I play a couple of hours a day every day, or every other day. Just by myself most of the time, having a blast. One of my bands mostly does free gigs too, just because we love getting together and playing for people.


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Somehow I got to be 60 years old. I got a way from drumming and came back to it. I don't do it for a job, or even to make money. I just get pure enjoyment out of the vast variety of rudimental drum music (old school). Pratt, Wilcoxon, Ludwig solos, and revolutionary war and civil war tunes. I have only one snare drum now, and home made maple, and it is great for what I play, just single snare drumming. It helps me unwind at the end of the day. I am building my own marching snare so that I can go outside and play march rythyms. What a gas!

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No, no fun.For one thing, it takes too long to get good at it. Where's the fun in that?

Then there's all the work it takes to get a band together long enough to get enough songs together to play a gig. Not fun, not at all.

You'll have to then find a gig. That entails a bit of networking, putting a media package together with a bio, CD, website(s). I get no joy out of that. Not really....

Then when you get a gig you have to haul all the crap to a gig that's usually far, far away in some distant galaxy where there is no parking. Not fun.

Then there's the whole matter of unloading and walking all that gear some distance to the stage. Not much fun there.

Of course if you don't get there before the guitar players, it will be even that much more not fun setting up.

Finally, months and months of work goes into playing a 45 minute set that goes by in the blink of an eye. That's only fun if you don't mess up the songs and keep it together.

Then after the gig, you have to drive home at 2:00am in the morning trying like h3ll to avoid Johnny Law. I personally never drive drunk, but it's still not fun. Not at all.

Finally, if I go directly to studio and unload, that's fine, but still not fun. But, if I have to bring the equipment home, haul it inside the house, then back out the next day to bring it to the studio. That's not fun in any sense of the word. It's rather annoying to be perfectly honest.

Lastly, I have to set it all up again at the studio, fighting the guitarists for every square inch of room for the cymbal stands. No fun there.

So, where's the fun? I don't know, but somehow it all seems worth it. I'm not sure it would be as much fun if I just kept the drums in one spot and only played at home "for fun".


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Drumming is my hobby, so is recording, recording equipment and PA equipment.
Its where I spend my hard earned cash - not earn it.
So of course I only do it, because its fun.

Sense of achievement if I learn something new or a song works out well.
Meet new people.
Get introduced to new music.

I could have collected stamps, go hunting, play golf, gotten a race car - but I play drums -)


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Nice responses

I don't even practice.

I jam on the internet with people all over the world for a couple of hours each week and I am set. I barely have any chops but have the feel thing. Give me a pocket to sit in and all is well with the world.

To hear some of the assume playing people are doing in these jams please check out the sound files. 6Jam sets

(If you jam for a couple of hours it is also a bit of a workout. So at almost 50 I consider that a bonus)