Anyone here play a 13", 14", 16" setup?

Hey there, all. I have a drum kit that has 13, 14, and 16 inch toms and a 24 inch bass. It's a fiberglass (Pearl) kit.
I've been experimenting quite a lot to get a great sounding kit with different head combinations and different tunings.
I'm a little stuck on trying to find good rough pitch tunings and intervals between toms. Does anyone have a setup like this where you've found good pitches and intervals that you could recommend for me to add into my experimenting?
Much thanks!


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I used to. The 14" tom was a mismatch, so I sold it and went with a matching 12".
My 14" was a floor tom, so I've got no problem tuning them to a nice interval. A 14" rack tom might get trickier, though.

paradiddle pete

I have 13 by 9 . 14 by 14 . 16 by 14.. 3 wise monkeys..


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yes i used to run 13/14/16 for my old premier kit. i used to tune them from the lowest tom to highest, with the resonant heads a little bit higher than the batter heads.

start with the resonant heads, get them to a sound you like, then tune the batter heads to how you like. theres no set way of doing it, as everyone has different sounds they like :)


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The core of my Gretsch kit from around 1980 is 13, 14, 16, 22. Awesome kit overall, but I’ve never been super happy with the 13’s tuning when using that 5-piece setup. But in a 13, 16, 22 four-piece config, the 13 tunes up great. So it’s getting a nice differentiation between the 13 and 14 while still having a good playing feel that’s been the bane of setups.


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I used to play 12, 13, 16 and I'm sure most of us did and one time. The one inch is too close for me. Now 8, 10, 12, 14 floor


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Close. My current gigging config is 14x11, 15x12 and 16x13 with a 24 inch kick.

I've always been a one up/two down kind of guy and like PorkPieGuy I use the 'Three Blind Mice' tuning interval.