Anyone have experience with this?


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A friend of mine's kids had something similar to this a few years ago but it came with a cheesy set of electronic drums. It was called Guitar Hero.


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I tried this out with a free trial. I think their angle is that people give up with an instrument and practicing because they get thrown into techniques and the "boring" stuff starting out. So they give you stuff to play and jam to instead, because that's probably what got you into the instrument in the first place. It's really just grooves, you can look at a bunch of free resources to learn different grooves and practice with the metronome.

This recent free video from Drumeo on linear drumming is good (I thought).


Michael Rothman

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It's a great video! I just posted this video on linear grooves as well. That comes with backing tracks for you to practice. My video is a bit different, I give you 18 exercises in a step-by-step approach to linear grooves, within several different topics.
I hope it can give anyone some new ideas =)