Anyone have “frozen shoulder”?


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I had a similar issue, however it was more towards my upper back.
Have you ever used a wheat pack or a tens machine? - As some chiro's or doctors will give you some weird stuff to 'sort you out' - especially when it's a frozen shoulder.

I'd recommend from experience NOT to play through gigs with a messed up shoulder - did that too....
Every time i swim the breast stroke (for example) it clicks and it's incredibly uncomfortable.

There are ways around it, such as exercises:
These definitely can help quite a bit, but you have to stick to it.

Other types of 'help' can be pain relief machines such as TENS devices - These can help stop you from feeling as much pain and also continue to practise, but don't take it too far - i.e. depending on how hard or how the technique on hitting the snare or hi-hat.

I'd recommend the exercises first, and perhaps further down the line a TENS device as it probably won't be the last time this happens.


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Frozen Shoulder – YES. I had rotator cuff surgery (in my 50’s) and all of sudden I could not move my arm up much without pain. I went to rehab twice a week for over two months with marginal (more like zero) improvement. I worked on it at home for another two month and gave up – no improvement. After about 16 months it improved and I have had marginal if any problems since – that was about 10 years ago. Good luck. . . .
Exact same story here - also 16 months for full recovery


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Hi everyone! We are a team of enthusiastic students from the University of Cambridge who are investigating how we can improve the treatment and diagnosis of frozen shoulder.

To do this, we are designing an app to allow those suffering with frozen shoulder to track their symptoms over time, including pain and range of motion. A large part of this involves hearing and understanding the problems and issues faced directly from those suffering. It would be a great help to us if you would fill out this short survey on your experience - it should take less than ten minutes.

The data might help clinicians and scientists understand the progress of disease and factors that influence its outcome better. We aim to gather information about what treatments help in which case and lastly it would allow you to keep track of change in pain levels in response to treatment or simply passing time and help your doctor catch if something changes.

Thank you!!


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My shoulder is so bad I qualified for disability. Mine is called scapular diskynisia. I had an operation, where the surgeon trimmed the edge of the shoulder blade to keep it from "impinging." Only made it worse. I even went to the Mayo Clinic, and they said there was nothing they could do.This began in the early 80s (i'm 69) Yet, I still play drums. Go figure.

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Wow. So, before I ever took up drums, I experienced this after an especially long performance singing and playing guitar.

4 hours? No problem. 6 hours? Never again. It messed up my shoulder muscles on my left side (deltoids, mostly), and they stayed messed up for well over a year.

This is why I'm obsessed with ergonomics.