Anyone have “frozen shoulder”?


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I had a similar issue, however it was more towards my upper back.
Have you ever used a wheat pack or a tens machine? - As some chiro's or doctors will give you some weird stuff to 'sort you out' - especially when it's a frozen shoulder.

I'd recommend from experience NOT to play through gigs with a messed up shoulder - did that too....
Every time i swim the breast stroke (for example) it clicks and it's incredibly uncomfortable.

There are ways around it, such as exercises:
These definitely can help quite a bit, but you have to stick to it.

Other types of 'help' can be pain relief machines such as TENS devices - These can help stop you from feeling as much pain and also continue to practise, but don't take it too far - i.e. depending on how hard or how the technique on hitting the snare or hi-hat.

I'd recommend the exercises first, and perhaps further down the line a TENS device as it probably won't be the last time this happens.


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Frozen Shoulder – YES. I had rotator cuff surgery (in my 50’s) and all of sudden I could not move my arm up much without pain. I went to rehab twice a week for over two months with marginal (more like zero) improvement. I worked on it at home for another two month and gave up – no improvement. After about 16 months it improved and I have had marginal if any problems since – that was about 10 years ago. Good luck. . . .
Exact same story here - also 16 months for full recovery