Anyone Ever Soundproof A Garage?



Thanks for chiming in everybody.

According to Rod Gervais' book, mass, airtight construction, and mechanical isolation are the three big factors when it comes to sound proofing.

A couple of things I found surprising while reading: isolation clips/resilient channel/green glue make little if any difference if using room within a room construction, and plain old sound batt insulation works just as well as Roxul.


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The garage is an often-overlooked space in the home, but it has so much potential. It can be converted into a DJ room or recording studio. A lot of homeowners are turning their garages into entertainment rooms to watch movies and play games with friends and family. Soundproofing your garage is not as hard as you think.

You first need to figure out the possible culprits- in most cases, it's the garage door.

You will need to first soundproof the door. I found a detailed guide written by Soundproof Zone on how to soundproof a garage door.

Then you'll also need to soundproof the garage door, windows as well as the ceiling.

There are plenty of soundproofing materials you can use for this purpose.

For example, we has mass loaded vinyl which you can hang on the walls and doors to prevent impact and airborne noise transmission.

You can also attach acoustic foam panels on the wall. These won't soundproof but will instead improve the garage door acoustics- you get to hear quality music without any distortion.