Anyone ever done musical gigs?


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An old friend of mine up in DC got into some orchestra pit work, which at the time sounded rather different for him, but he dug it, stuck with it, still does it and hooked up with quite a few other ventures because of it. Now he's doing lots of studio work, jazz ensemble work etc... the networking out of the pit work was quite extensive and opened up many opportunities that wouldn't have materialized otherwise.
Never turn down a chance to play. It may lead to other experiences. I love musical pit work. My wife and I both do it. BTW, what is the show?


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Thanks for all the replies. This decision was hard and your experiences helped.
But a short note to all the ideologues -

I have very little down time, so in deciding to do something like this, its always at the expense of somthing else. My time is very precious. Many of you seem to think I'm only focused on the pay. The intangibles/non-financial benefits, are certainly factored into my costs benefit analysis here, as well as my FOMO on future higher paying musical gigs. And all of that amounts to quite a bit! that's why this was so hard and why I reached out to this forum. But in my life, everything I do is at the expensive of something else, like tumbling around giggling with my daughter, dinner with family, and sleep - tons of intangibles there too - but that'd be the cost of this musical gig. That's what I'd be missing out on - its fomo either way. I don't just sit around and watch TV from 6-11 every night. Pay can help offset those costs, but they're offer this time didn't cut it.