Anyone else using Sabian AAX Aero crash?

mike d

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I ordered an 18" a long time ago (like early 2015) and it took forever to be delivered (it was while the DW thing was happening, was the excuse). I've been using it now for 4 or 5 months and I'm really loving this cymbal. I already have 16" and 18" HHX Evo crashes, and I also have an 18" HHX Ozone, (along with a couple others crashes I don't use), but the Aero is becoming my favorite. It's got a fast decay, and is slightly trashy like the ozone (but not nearly as pronounced ). It's higher pitched than the ozone too, more like my HHX Evos, and it blends nicely with them. Just wondered what other peoples experience is with AAX Aero? I think I might need to pick up a 20". :)


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I picked up a 16 back in 2012 and wasn't terribly impressed. I sounded alright but didn't blend with my Xtreme crashes well. Plus, I thought it was fairly breathless compared to a typical Ozone. I sold it within a month.


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I also got a 16 new, for very cheap in 2012, and just this morning took it off of the stand and put up a second ride. If anyone wants a used 16 let me know. I'll sell it cheap.

mike d

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I've heard vids of the 16" and I didn't like that one much either. I like the 18" but it does play like a smaller cymbal (more like my 16" HHX Evo). That's why I'm thinking the 20" might be nice.


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Glad to hear you're digging that cymbal. I think those are among the coolest cymbals Sabian makes. But I like the idea of putting holes in cymbals so this whole movement toward vented cymbals - that everyone now makes - has been great from where I'm sitting.

What makes the Aeros different is that they start with heavier medium-thin weight cymbals and use smaller holes, which makes them play and project more like regular crashes and less like paper-thin effect cymbals. Would be great to see some of the other cymbal makers produce their own version of the Aero.

I think a 20" would be a great size for that cymbal. I can also see how a 16" wouldn't quite hit the spot.

mike d

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Well... found a great deal on a 20" so I'm gonna try it. It will probably replace my 18" Ozone in the current setup. The Ozone is nice, but I'm thinking the 20" Aero will probably blend a little better.

Trip McNealy

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If I remember correctly, when the cymbal vote for the Aero's was out a few years ago they had the B8 Pro Aero which I personally thought was the best. I have to seek out and find a used one! The AAX is nice as well, but something about the B8 was great sounding to me!

mike d

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I originally thought they came out with an HHX version (as opposed to the AAX), but couldn't find any that were actually available, so I went with the AAX 18". It still blends nicely with the HHX stuff.