Anyone else see this scam on facebook?


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I checked the domain and the site isn't a problem - it's more of those super-cheap drum kits. The scam has been around for a few years.


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I’ve reported it to FB but holy cow FB really doesn’t have a grip on their company
Wow , I paid over 15 times for my used Tama b/b than what they want for a new starclassic! I’m gonna hurry and sell mine and pick up 15 or 20 of those ?.......?


Ok, so we all throw in $5 and have a trusted member put it on a Visa gift card and use that to buy the drums. If it is the scam that it likely is then we all lost $5 on a laugh and they can't steal more then the preloaded amount from the gift card.

In the HIGHLY unlikely chance that it isn't a scam and those drums do show up I'll just order my own haha


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They have been using this photo. It is a photo of the upstairs of Dale's Drum Shop from several years ago. I contacted Dale's to let them know, they contacted FB.



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It's a flash sale, whatever that is. As of now, there is less than 8 hours left. Stock is limited, someone better act fast. This was under the timer and item picture:

"Notice: This product is available for flash sale,and stock is limited. In case of payment failure, please check the information carefully and confirm it again.If it fails again,the product is sold out.You can exchange products of other colors or models.If we cause any inconvenience to customers,please understand, Thank you."

Yeah I get it. They lure you in with drums. You're in a hurry since there's a timer. You upload your card info but the payment is denied because the kit is sold out. Some schmuck then uses your card info to buy himself a drumset that you get to pay for when the bill shows up. Fun stuff.


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People still visit Facebook???

All prices are in us dollars for the unit, are subject to change without prior notice, and shall be responsible for you. Unless you to meet our minimum spending threshold will add the freight for your order.

Order on our website is really easy. Simply choose your favorite content, fill in your basic information, then add to cart, and pay the order. When your successful order and deliver products, we will send email to you alone.

to can use a credit card through the website to buy products of adults only sales products.

Although you can succeed to pay orders, but retention limit number, terminate the account and the right to refuse or cancel any orders. We worried that you will cancel the order after payment. If the cancellation is caused by your own reason, we will a full refund.
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