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Thought you'all might find this interesting.

I just completed building a set of drums -- well, three drums, that is, as follows:

Kick = 14" (diameter) X 28" deep
Tom = 10" (diamtere) X 13 deep
Flr. Tom = 14" (diameter) X 12" deep

Photos to follow.

Why did I choose to do this?

1. Sounded like fun

2. I wanted small drums for ease of transporting

3. I like things just a bit different

For those who might want to build their own, here are some suggestions:

1. Listen to the source of the shells when you have questions. They know what they are talking about.

2. Have the source of the shells drill all needed holes (lugs, mounts, spurs, etc.). They have the right equipment and are set up to do it. Most of us aren't. I drilled my own holes on the prototype of the kick and the result wasn't pretty. However, I was able to salvage that 14" X 28" shell for use as a floor tom after it was cut down.

3. Paint, stain or wrap? Paint and stain are less expensive, but much more difficult to do. Wraps are expensive, but relatively easier. I wanted to stain the shells Burnt Orange to match my Gretsch drums, but was aware that I did not have the expertise to do so. Instead, I found a local painting company that decided the experience would be neat and the craftsmen there matched the Burnt Orange perfectly.

4. If the finish seems blotchy after the first coat of paint or stain, that's the glue seeping through. Make sure it is dry, then sand it down and re-stain or paint those areas before laying on any additional coats of finish.

5. On the beater side of the kick, I used an Evans hydrolic. The front head is an Aguarian with a kick port. The sound is better with the kick port and Evans head than with the non-hydrolic head and lack of a kick port in the prototype. I also found I needed a beater with a harder surface, rather than a cloth covered beater.

I opted to mount the 10" X 13" tom on a cymbal stand along with a cymbal because I am reluctant to cut a hole in the kick, but I may reconsider.

I am very pleased with the result. Lugs, etc. purchased from an on-line source.

Hope this might be useful for those contemplating building their own.

John Ledingham
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