Anyone Else Get the New Ludwig Jazz Fest Snare?


I just received one of Ludwig's new Jazz Fest snares in vintage black oyster. I'm looking for others who have the same drum. Mine was oddly packaged.

I ordered it from Sweetwater, so it's from a reputable source. However, it did not arrive in a Ludwig box. Rather, it was in a plain cardboard box. It was in a tied bag, like other Ludwig snares I have received. The drum was surrounded by bubble wrap. There was no cardboard tray to keep the drum from shifting in the box during shipping.

Cosmetically, the drum looks fine. BUT... the baseball bat muffler feels loose and the snare side head is tremendously wrinkled on one half. I know that the heads aren't torqued at the factory, but I have never seen a head that is, well, "flappy." My guess is that the box was dropped by FedEx, causing the muffler to loosen and the head to pull from its collar.

I have shared my concerns with Sweetwater; I won't get a response from them until Monday.

If you have received one of the new Jazz Fest snares, let me know how it was packaged. Thanks!


Was it a demo or return? Have you checked the head for separation? Either way SW is solid and will fix any issue.
I didn't pull the head yet to see if it is ruined. I've reached out to my SW sales engineer; I'm sure he will get back to me Monday.

I was able to find a Facebook post with someone unboxing a new Jazz Fest. His had all of the standard packaging, including the Ludwig box and cardboard shipping tray.

I didn't get a demo price break, so I will be requesting a replacement in the correct packaging.

Frankly, the drum is too expensive to accept anything less than new condition.