Anyone else get discouraged selling on Craigslist because of all the flakes and low-ballers?


I have had my fare share of selling on craigslist but my most recent was as an "almost" buyer....elvin jones snare drum....$ day too late....the search continues...

But I just had a guy want to buy a snare drum and then flake out with "lemme think about it" when he finally read that I didn't live close to him.

Jeremy Bender

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Ya Craigslist can be a real drag at times thanks to all the flakes that respond to postings. I recently posted a thread on this board regarding a Craigslist Paypal scam that I almost fell victim to.
I've sold a few items, but always in-person, cash and carry in a very public place i.e. food court at the mall.


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Awhile back I turned an old Sonor Force kit into a jungle kit, converting the 16" floor tom into a bass drum. Gave it to my granddaughter for Christmas.

About a month ago I looked around my music room and wondered what the hell I was doing with that lonely bass drum on the floor in the corner. After double-checking to make sure that my daughter-in-law was not about to allow another drum in their house, I put the B.D. on Craigslist.

For a solid month, nada. Then, yesterday, I got my first response, from someone who asked if I could bring it to his town, which is about an hour away. Considering how little I was selling it for, it wasn't worth the trip, so I said no. Today he came up to our place, saw the drum sitting in the entrance hall, beamed, handed me the money without even any further examination of the drum. Scooped it up with no conversation and rushed back outside to put it into his car.

The whole transaction took only 5 minutes. The dogs didn't even have time to get excited. I pocketed a couple of weeks worth of lunch money for something that had just been in the way.

Today was one of those days when I loved CL.


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It took me months to sell my Toyo view camera, but when I did the guy didn't even dicker about the price. He bought it for his wife the day before Christmas and I had him meet me at McDonald's. I sold some bayonets too and the guy also gave me full asking price. But I've also had my share of dipshits. You just have to put up with the asswipes, I guess. :O(
In my experience this past year , I’ll say there’s just as many flakes selling as there are buying . Been looking for a used kit on there for a year now and the dozen or so sellers I’ve dealt with have all been flakes . Ridiculously high prices that say negotiable or OBO and then not budging off the listed price at all when you go to look . .Changing prices when going to buy with cash in pocket . Not showing up at a meet up to sell . Not being home when you’ve driven an hour to look and not answering their phone or a text asking where they are . So many stories on the above scenarios 🙄. But the current one ? Guy places an ad on Tuesday , I see the ad on Wednesday and call and leave a message at 10 am , no text or call from him on Wednesday, nothing Thursday , so I call Friday 7pm , he answers , we talk for like 3 minutes and he asks he can call me back in an hour . I went to sleep around 1 am , no call back , no text . Saturday nothing, all day today ( Sunday ) nothing 🤨, so I shoot him a text around 3pm northeast US time it’s now 8pm, he’s in jersey , I’m in NY, and still ....... NOTHING !!!!! WTF is with all these FLAKES on Craigslist ? I mean you wanna sell the f’ing kit or not 🤷🏻‍♂️. Maybe I’ll just take up guitar, or bass, or tambourine, triangle , some f’n other thing rather than deal with these flakey Craigslist drummers lol 😂. Ok , rant over , sorry guys . Had to vent . Just so damn frustrating 🤪😤😜🤬!!!


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I waited an hour and a half at Starbucks before I realized this guy wasn’t showing up to buy my old cymbals. Oh well. I love reverb and do all my buying/selling from there now.


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When i stopped playing guitar a few years ago i also stopped building tube amps.. i had a big plastic tub of fender transformers from the late 50's to early 70's and reverb tanks and misc parts.. Put it all on CL for $100 just so it would goto someone that might use the stuff. After a week of "Will you take $10 and a half eaten popsicle?" type of emails i just walked it to the dumpster.. i HATE CL..


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CL is definitely a hit or miss. I always try to make it as convenient as possible for me to make a sale. I now never drive more than 3-5 minutes for a transaction when im the seller. I've had too many horror stories where the buyer flaked and i drove 20-30 minutes.


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I have had success selling and buying with CL. You just have to know that there will be some jerks that come out of the woodwork. The ones that ask if the item is still for sale, tell you they are coming over or will call back and never do. To me it's worth the hassle being that it is free. I normally check the name in Facebook to get an idea of whom I'm dealing with. Most names use both sites. As Paul said above, I don't lug items too far, and normall make them come to me when I'm selling.


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I've never sold on craigslist, and only sold one thing on ebay because of the hassle. I stick with Mercari (which has a boatload of issues too), Poshmark, and Vinted.

One Up One Down

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I rarely have problems buying stuff, but selling it is a whole 'nother story. PITA.

Incidentally, if I think the item is priced fairly, I don't even negotiate. Anybody else do that?

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I've gotten a long list, most, of my drum gear off CL, there's a lot of drummers, and wannabe drummers in this town. Renowns, Acro, Tama IC pedal, and a good set of used Zildjian and Sabian cymbals, accumulated over time. I've always been a no bullshit buyer.

I thought I'd clean out some gear and put an ad up. I was looking for $150 for Exports, 22x18, 12 tom, 16x16 FT, and a Premier snare. . Not a beater, I had been playing them until I got the Gretsch, good heads, good condition. In addition I was including 2 snare stands, a cool old Premier BD pedal.

What a fiasco. I experienced about 7 squirrels. Each of them would absolutely assure me they wanted the drums, and email their ph. number. Some of them said how excited they were, and honestly, they sounded legit. Then each of them would vanish and I'd never hear from them again. I don't know what kind of no-life MFer would do this over a 150 set of used drums, but apparently they're out there.

I ended up knocking $25 off for the bandmate deal and sold to a guitar player friend. .


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There's too much gear out there, period. I think of the online selling platforms like this:

-Craigslist: flea market/yard sale market
-ebay: going to the mall/the music section at Sears*
-Reverb: boutique store that specialize in just musical equipment
-Facebook groups: Very specific music stores specializing in a specific instrument.

*If you remember going into a big Sears store and seeing music equipment set up near the t.v. and stereo section, you'll understand the reference.

To the OP question: I will list stuff for sale based on the what I think the market is. Meaning, I have a 5pc new-in-box Export lacquer kit on CL right now. I'm not going to list it on eBay or Reverb, shipping the thing would kill the price savings I'm offering. I'm about to list another set of drums that's not as common and will list it on all the platforms.