Anyone do a permanent "mod" to their sticks (not just tape)?


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I had a friend that would take all of his Pro Mark sticks, pull the nylon tips off, and then glue them back on with wood glue. He said it kept the tips from flying off.

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I will often take my folding knife and hack hella hash marks in the bottom half of the stick for better grip.


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I used to sand down the old Regal Tip Quantum 9000s as the lacquer gave me really bad blisters.

I use Pellwood now, they'll make sticks to your spec. They're great to deal with and you save a lot of money. Sticks in the UK are £10+, complete ripoff. When I get a 20 pair batch it works out at £4.40 a pair, go figure!


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Anyone do something a little more "permanent" than just taping their sticks?

In the past I have used a gloss polyurethane on regular sticks (to make them like the Regal Tip glossy finish). I also put clear nail polish on the tips of wood tip sticks to help them last longer (mixed honestly doesn't really work).

I also know a vintage stick enthusiast who puts clear nail polish over the logo and model so it doesn't get worn away. I will sometimes sand my sticks with 220 grit at the neck/shoulder/tip area if they are chewed up but otherwise in good shape (ie no chunks missing or cracked tips) to smooth them out.

On vintage or discontinued sticks that I really like, I will fill in cracks and gouges with wood filler, sand them down and then put satin finish polyurethane over the wood filler to seal and strengthen it. I'm normally not that cheap and would just toss them for a new pair, but I will follow this procedure if they are vintage or are discontinued. It works very well..............until the next crack...............

Anyone do anything like this that is more permanent than taping? I don't really consider grip tape a permanent mod, because you can always take it off.
I have some black Donner sticks (beginning drummer) They were getting slippery. I got some (3/4" I think) wire insulator shrink tubing from work and cut it to length...little more than 1/3 of the length of the stick from the non tip end (handle?). It's slightly rubbery and I lucked out that the end of the tubing is right about at the "sweet spot". You can shrink some on and then add another "coat" and heat shrink comes in several sizes. If it splits, just cut it off and replace it. Only stick mod I've done so far.
Haven't played enough to break off or splinter tips and sticks yet, but I'm hopin'. I think I need to send her shopping for a couple hours.



I just place some tape so I kinda know where my hands are and mark one stick with a spot of marker so I can alternate the wear. And since finding a local store which does Nova 5a's cheap, lifes got good.
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I will put clear tape over the logos on all of my concert sticks and keyboard mallets to preserve them...and I have 1 "clean" pair of all of my marching and drum stick types with the logo saved as well.

I am a collector: sports cards; drum stuff; model train stuff, so I instinctively archive stuff

I don't do any other modifying of the sticks though


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I mark the butt end with a felt pen, so that it's easier to grab a matching pair from the stick bag. That's all. :)
I have always done this as well...L and R...I am really OCD about having the same feeling stick in my right versus my left hand. The heavier/denser stick goes in my right hand b/c I like the feel of that on my ride cymbal.