Anyone buy a referb/renew PC tower?


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@WAYOver50drumguy...It's kinda scarin' me too!:eek:(y)
Looking at a couple sites I found...I already decided i7 or Ryzen 7.
NOW they wanna know Gen 1, 2, 3, 4,.............................................D'OH!
I don't even wanna get into the RAM page I saw!!!!


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OK, so I am committed (Or maybe I should be)
Dell 3050 Tower (2017 model)
i5QC 34-16 gen 6 processor (told me it's as fast as the gen 3, i7 I was looking at)
16 GB Ram
512 SSD
Win 10 Pro
4x USB 2.0
4x USB 3.1
VGA for my monitor with also an adapter to/from HDMI/display port.
1 year warranty

I wanted the tower because I don't care about large but didn't want small (SFF)
$495.00 ($519.75 taxed and shipped)


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Haha, the guy just wrote, "A lot of folks here LOVE Amazon...Others here HATE Amazon." yeah, maybe it's true. But why should you hate amazon? Just don't use it, and you will save your money and time. Get 1660 for the total price, and you'll have the guaranty, which is worth the money you paid. Why you should pay cash for something which will be broke after a day of use. But, if someone wants to get 1660, check this article it will be helpful for beginners.
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Depends upon what you're doing.
Multi core cpu means nothing unless the app can support the multi threaded cpu (databases,exchange)
For gaming it's usually the gpu that counts the most.
Intel for single threaded apps(office) and AMD for cheap multi cores processing.