Anybody know anything about Heartland drums


I saw the posting on Stave and solid wood drums and it appears that If I was going to build a solid wood drum, the way Heartland does it seems logical to me. It seems that all others are either block, stave, or steam-bent. Does anyone know any other company that builds complete kits this way?


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I own a kit of solid-shell drums from I don't know if they're making drums any more but they use a large metal lathe and bore out sections. I think Heartland uses some kind of skinny saw that goes around in a circle, which is a less exotic piece of equipment than an industrial metal lathe, but still a technically demanding way to cut wood.

Lots of companies make solid-shell snares. By solid shell, I mean the wood is the exact some way it existed in the living tree. That excludes steam bent.

The main consideration is using a heavy, dense wood and letting it cure for a long time. Solid wood shells are vulnerable to cracking and splitting and weather variations in general. Ply shells are much hardier and stave is in between.

Are you thinking of making some solid shells for yourself? They sound great and are the rarest of all wood shell types.