Anybody have any gear with sentimental attachement they won't part with?


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My Zildjian K hats that my dad bought for me.

Just regular old K hats, but I had been looking for some for a while. Shopping around for good used deals, etc. Nearly everytime that I talked to my dad he asked my if I had found them yet. He would even occasionally call me when he thought he found a deal on eBay. (It was odd that he took such in interest in my little quest.) Anyway, after telling him I had finally found a pair I was looking for, he said, "Here...use my credit card number." He certainly didn't have to do that.

I think about that gesture everytime I play them.

wy yung

I had a 20" Zildjian ride my late mother bought for me. It was stolen.

The equipment I have sentiment for these days is gear I have given to students who have worked hard. For example the gear I have passed on to. 10 year old who is remarkable. So far a 20" A custom ride, LP timbales, Pearl djembe, and old Slingerland boom stand that has two drums and two cymbals hanging from it, several crashes and a DW7000 remote hi hat pedal. All given after he worked his butt off. He deserved it.


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I have Zildjian 21" Rock Ride that my mom gave me for my birthday,31 years ago. It just found it's way back to my kit.


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I literally have No gear I have any sentimental attachment to. Never will.
Gear is to be played and beat.


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I agree PFOG. When you've been through a lot of experiences with a piece of gear from youth to adulthood, a piece of you ends up in it.

I have a vintage Drouyn 5" deep wood snare that came with my first kit (a Frankenstein) in 1975. It's probably worth $400 or $500 but I wouldn't sell it even though I preferred the sound of my old Dynasonic snare (sadly, sold). I don't have a good photo but the Drouyn looks similar to the attached pic.

I'd be sad to lose my 20" A med Zild ride too. I've tried other 20" A med Z's but I like mine best.

I'd have no drama replacing any other pieces.



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A Drouyn Dandy, something that never left the shores of Aussie? Looks really neat, what kind of wood is that?

My Hybrid and I, til death do us part. originally built this in 1980. Absolutely my favourite.


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I have a 20" K heavy ride that I might have swapped with one from a certain college (brand new for brand new & same exact model) back in 1993 that I will never let go. It's a champ!

Here it is played live with Neal Morse:

(It starts out slow, but soon goes into prog-rock rage.)
I have a 12,13,16,22 Tama Rockstar that I refinished with my dad.

My best friend is borrowing it now, and learning to drum.
I think I'll always keep it around as a kit to lend to good
folks in my life, those who wants to take up the kit but who
don't have the resources to buy one.

The best tradition to pass on :D

con struct

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To tell the truth I'd part with anything I have if someone wanted it badly enough to pay a lot of money for it. To me it's all just gear, really. Most of it's pretty old, too. I have some nice stuff but I can't imagine ever being emotionally attached to any of it.

I'd like to think that I can always get something better than what I've got now!

But that's not to say that I'm going to have a drum yard sale in the future.


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...I have five pairs of Premier die cast hoops.

12", 13", 14" tom, 14" snare, and 16". My first introduction to these little monsters was about fifteen years ago when I bought a basement full of drum junk from a guy in Fort St John BC.

I was trying to cobble together a drum kit for a buddy of mine, and in the project pile was a pair of 12, and 16" hoops. most of the metal screws and washers, and some of the chrome on some of the non Premier parts had a degree of pitting, and corrosion, but the Premier chrome, once cleaned and polished up looked almost show room clean. I was very impressed with the hoops, which I quickly installed on my Canwoods, and they have been on almost every kit that I have owned since. As kits changed, and time wore on, I collected more of them in the sizes that I needed. Aside from the ones now on my kits, I have some spares should I ever need them.

Here is a shot of my 13" collector tom that best shows the hoop. Unlike the Tama, Pearl, or other die cast hoops, the Premiers have a nice shallow rounded profile, that does not shred your sticks, plus the chrome is bullet proof, and the hoops are solid.