Any weird or spooky drum/music-related stories out there?

Al Strange

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So another non music related one

Recently my daughter was out in a garden with her Nan and Mum, apparently she looked back into the house we were at and pointed to one of the windows and said “there’s a man in there”

Then a few hours later she suddenly looked behind her, looked up and said “Hi” to absolutely no one.

Now when I go to that house I take my proton pack just in case.
You’re supposed to shoehorn drums/music into that story mate!:ROFLMAO:(y)


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Christ, I really did think that the end of this story would end….

“…..Later on I was told the band I played with had died 50 years earlier” or something

I was absolutely gripped!!
Well, it happened in 1966, 56 years ago, so they might be now.


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Before moving to our forever home, my family lived in a haunted duplex. Doors would open/close, strange noises coming from weird places, etc. Nothing malevolent, just off putting. Even the dogs were effected by it at times.

There was a bonus room upstairs that became my music room. That room was weird. Lights would turn on and off, hanging speaker cables would seem to dance along with my drumming. Sometimes I would go upstairs and get a very creepy feeling like the room didnt want me there and I wanted to go back downstairs. Again, nothing malevolent.

I found out about 2 years in that a little girl had died in the building like 20 years earlier. My guess is she still lives there.

the house I grew up in had this same kind of activity. My parents bedroom was probably the weirdest.. It was always 10-15º colder than the rest of the house at any time of year Mom said when I was a baby, I would get more irritated the closer to the room I got. There was a consistent clicking sound in the upper corner of the closet in the ceiling. Dad thoughht it was water, or mice, ,but when he tore out the drywall in the closet to check, the click was still there. It was a constant tempo, volume etc. We owned that property as a rental for 30 years, and the click was there the whole time.

I had a few other events happen in that house, but I don't want this to turn into story time