any vanguard grips?


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hey there you guys!
the tittle says it all, ive lately been searching for any out of the normal grips and the only and most commons ive found were the match, tradition and french grip
its always good to learn new things, so if youve got any other grip styles post them down here!


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Your confusing the meaning of matched grip if you refer to French as a separate grip. Matched refers to your hands being in the same position, while traditional implies shifting your weaker hand to the colonial-style snare drummer's position. Within matched grip, the most common three positions are German, French, and American (refer to Dom Famularo's lessons on the Vic Firth website for some visuals). While in traditional grip, your dominant hand may take on any of those three positions.

So, you can be playing traditonal with your weak hand griping underneath the stick, and your main hand playing the French position. Or you can be in matched grip, with both hands in the French position. They are not mutually exclusive. You can also play different positions with either hand simultaneously. For example, say German on the snare, and French on the ride. This would technically no longer be "matched" but is commonly referred to as such to distinguish from traditional.

And another pickle you may stumble across: traditional grip is often referred to as conventional grip, even though we have obviously adopted matched grip as the modern "convention".


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oohh thankyou for your remark!
and sorry to have confused you other guys that have read this post :/
i got the french idea from a website ive seen when surfing on internet and i was wondering if (besides) the known grips (traditional, french, german, american and match) there are others which are not known, but if better be called alternate
anyways, thankyou for making things clearer my friend!