Any UK shops left with lots of cymbals to try?


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Does anyone know of any shops left in the UK with a big range of cymbals that you can actual try on a kit? I have the urge .... and my wallet is looking nervous.


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Not shops, & maybe means a bit of travelling, but check out facilities at the independent distributors such as Cymbalise (Ufip), Amedia UK (Amedia) & others offering really high end cymbals at very sensible prices. Many have good demonstration facilities too.

Outside of that, you'll find a massive selection of pies from a multitude of companies at this year's London Drum Show. Many have kits set up ready for you to try cymbals. If you're unsure of what you want, the show is a really good starting point, & hands down trumps even the best shop selection of cymbals. Just thinking outside the box :)


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Great info, thanks! And if I take a trip to Perth I will be sure to check out that eating place.


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I went to the Wembley Drum Centre when I was in the UK which had a pretty good range of cymbals from all sorts of manufacturers. I agree with Andy as well. You folks seem to have better access to Amedia, so take advantage of 'em :)