any torrents?


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hi guys, I'm looking for some dvd rips all over the net. I'm probably blind and I can't find anything. I am looking for some tuition movies like funk and jazz grooves and licks. Let me know where can I find such a...


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If you are looking for copy written material, it is probably harder to come by because the companies are cracking down on it. I found some torrents with method books online. I contacted the author and/or publishing company. I would urge anyone else to do the same. They thanked me for my help and told me they are doing what they can to keep copy written material from being pirated on the internet.

You still may be able to find some self-produced videos that are not copy written. Youtube is a good place to start. There is also the clinic section of this website.



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We have way too many friends whose livlihood depends on published media so I know we won't be discussing illegal downloading here.

king fail

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yeah dude, i'm with dogbreath.
we're here to support the drumming community, so if you're gonna do that, keep it to yourself please