Any thoughts about the new PDP Kit? (Sporting the newer PDP Logo)


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This demo was just posted.

The kit sounds surprisingly good for the price. It costs $100 less than the Yamaha Stage Custom...that's very competitive. Not sure I'd ever buy one, but it's fun to watch the major companies duke it out for the value drums market.

To put the price into perspective.....the Spectrum 4-piece configuration (22/12/16/14s) is only $500, while the Breakbeats kit is $400. Not exactly an apples to apples comparison, but the Spectrum has full size shells, wood hoops (Breakbeats has metal hoops), fancier isolation mounts, and partially maple shells.....all for $100 more than the Breakbeats kit.

What do you guys think?



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Lugs and mount by Sonar, PDP logo by the Bauhaus font, drum badge reminiscent of the Ludwig Standard's badge.

Regardless, if it works for someone and they like it, then good for them (and PDP/DW).
I think it sounds pretty good, and the snare especially is great for that price. With some new heads it would sound even better. Would be great for an inexpensive practice kit at home or a beater kit to take to gigs.


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The bauhaus- playmobil - font is ok. I prefer the new lugs to the peanuts lugs.
The thing I like about PDP / DW, they never get in the fad and kept a bit deeper rack toms (12x9 - 10x8). But one thing I dislike and, they do that even on expensive dw drums : the internally unpainted bass drum hoop. It looks cheap. On a PDP, why not but on a Performance, it just looks bad and cheap.
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All in all, I like all the style changes. I'd be for them moving these changes to the other lines, as well.


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The bauhaus- playmobil - font is ok....

OMG. That is hilarious. I KNEW I recognized the font from somewhere. so I looked up playmobile ..BAM!!

Awesome! Well, except now DW AND PDP drums are ruined for me.



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Looking past any potential plagiarism of design (& lets be honest, PDP aren’t alone in this), I can’t help but think that it’s a hell of a lot of good looking kit for the money. Proof that in terms of lower to mid range gear “young” drummers have never had it so good. If I saw one of these set up without knowing anything about it I’d never have it down as a £500 never mind $500 kit.


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It reminds me too much of this: