any songs you like that are in odd meter?


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Blockhead by Devo. Verse is 11/8, chorus 4/4.


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Whipping post is mostly 11/8 . A Primus song “Eleven” is too -well it's mainly 11/8 but changes up some too actually. There seemed a spell where rock bands were experimenting with these odd time signature songs - King Crimson and Rush come to mind.


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Great thread, will be combing through it later, thanks.

The charm offensive - Oceansize
We are - Karnivool
The sound of muzak - porcupine tree
Seal - dreaming in metaphors
Mission impossible
Schizm - Tool
First steps - Dig
Nocturne - Tesseract
70 VIR - Planet X (and probably 100% of their music)
First Steps - D.I.G
Ow my feelings - Periphery


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Radiohead : Paranoid Android - love this song, love to listen, love to play - only short passages are in odd meters 7/8.


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Chicago's "Thunder and Lightning" (Chicago XIV) has a brass instrumental section in 5/4.



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"Take Five" is one of the all-time odd-time jazz classics, in 5/4. It's one of my favorites. I cut my teeth on it learning to groove 5/4 time.