Any recommendations for single channel headphone amps?


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I don't need anything fancy, or anything multi-channel. I just need a single input headphone amp; ideally it should be portable.

I have a portable DVD player with a screen and headphone jack (old school!) that I have next to my kit and I play along with DVD's like the Tommy Igoe Groove Essentials, Instructional DVD's etc. I also have many method books that originally came with Audio CD's . I'll use the same DVD player for those (it plays audio CD's fine) and I play along with "regular" CD's as well. I also use my smartphone that has a metronome app and I will also play along with drumless tracks on You Tube. My headphones are good quality, over the ear wired headphones (not Bluetooth). I am looking for a good quality, yet affordable headphone amp that will allow me to boost the audio from either the DVD player or my phone in order to be able to hear it clearly over my normal volume (not loud) drumming. I used to run the DVD Player/Smartphone through a small Behringer mixer and used that as a defacto headphone amp (with the bonus of some EQ and balance L/R control), but I am thinking I want to simplify and just use a headphone amp. Even though the mixer is small, it takes up room on my small table and is one more thing to plug in. Plus, the mixer is obviously not portable (see below for why I need a portable solution).

Ideally, I need it to be portable, because I am a huge baseball fan and I subscribe to the MLB Audio package with the home and away radio feeds of every game. Very few things are better than mowing the lawn or doing outdoor yardwork/chores while listening to a ball game. Even with my wired headphones, there is no way I can hear anything on my phone over the noise of the mower, even with the volume all the way up. I am hoping I can also use this headphone amp and put it in my pocket to allow me to listen to baseball or music on my phone while mowing.

I found this on Amazon. Would something like this work for my stated purpose?

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This is what I use.

Simple, clips to my belt & more importantly has a limiter for when someone sends a nasty signal to my ears.
Hearing health wise you do NOT need more volume. Wear some kind of in ear monitor, then wear shooting headphones. Everyone is advised to wear hearing protection headphones when using power tools anyway.
Buy some bluetooth in ears, from Apple, Sony, B&W etc, then cover your ears with affordable hearing protection headphones.
I’m happy with the Behringer B2. Looks almost identical to the Fischer unit pictured above. Battery powered, can be mono or stereo (switch inside).
Hooks onto a belt. Volume control on the top surface. Plenty of volume, clean sound.
This is what I use.

Simple, clips to my belt & more importantly has a limiter for when someone sends a nasty signal to my ears.
Does this device require battery power? Thanks.
When I mow the yard, I use my apple AirPods, and then put isolation muffs over them. It would work for wired in ear pods as well. I used to do that as well before I got the Bluetooth pods.