Any reason to save original drum/hardware packaging?


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I recently purchased a new Ludwig snare, two new DW pedals, a DW snare stand, and a Pearl tom stand. Does anyone have any thoughts about whether I should save or discard (recycle) the original boxes they came in. Is there any advantage to holding onto them?


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Handy to keep if you think returning goods is a possibility, & you have the space.


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Saving the boxes for the duration of the guarantee is a good idea if you have to ship anything back to the factory.

The only other time keeping the original box and paperwork is a good idea,is if you buy a one of a kind or limited edition drum.This will establish provanance and add to the collectability and resale value.

Steve B


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I have the original boxes for my 2000 dw kit, some day if my kids sell them it will help bring a better price ;-)


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I save boxes just because I have times when I actively sell stuff on eBay. I rarely need to buy a box. If not for that, I'd recycle all boxes.


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Just break them down and put them in the garage. It's better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them. A little packing tape and they're good.