Any problem with using "marching sticks" on a set?


I'm a pretty hard hitter and break my sticks very easily. It's largely from rimshots and going fast on the hi-hat, I'm not doing anything "wrong". I've been using the Tre Cool sig sticks...which are .625 dia., 16.5 in. They're pretty awful when it comes to durability, although reviews say otherwise (what the hell kind of music are they playing?). I can't seem to find any that are bigger and more durable. So I was in a store today and I picked up these marching snare sticks. They're .690 dia. and 17 in. I bought them and played with them and I think they feel good, especially going very fast. I guess why question is, do any of you use these "marching sticks"? They'll probably damage my heads more, but do you think they'll have an affect on my cymbals? And is the only difference between them and regular sticks size? Thanks


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They will be harder on the heads but it won't be a problem if you use them correctly.
Two ply batters on your kit should handle the larger marching sticks.
As far as cymbals go. If you don't break them now they will be OK with the larger sticks.


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I tried that for awhile to help my chops with the heavier sticks and ended up cracking two of my cymbals.
I've never broken any other cymbals besides those two...
I don't advise it


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I've known many people who used sticks developed for marching as their drum set stick.

Whatever feels comfortable to you.


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Like was said, whatever feels right for you. I can't imagine playing with sticks larger than 5b, I think my arms would fall off. lol


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Maybe you have not broken your cymbals because the drum gods are smiling upon you and making your sticks cry uncle first. Going fast on your hihat should not be breaking sticks. If you are using the marching sticks for comfort that is one thing, but not because you break everything else. It’s time to analyze technique before cymbals start crying next. I am not saying you don't know what you are doing; I am trying to help you out.


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Thomas Lang used to use Vic Firth Tom Float indoor marching sticks before his signature stick came out (which is a big `ol beast).


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personally, i think heavy sticks are harder to move around the kit quickly because of their inertia, but you already said you like how fast they are so it doesn't sound like that's much of a problem for you.

another thing about them is they tend to bring a fuller sound out of the drums, which is probably a good thing for you.


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I've never tried them because I rarely break the 7's I use, but I've seen a few guys doing really thrashy metal use those fiberglass sticks instead of wood. I would think they'd be harder to break. You give those a go?