Any of you use a storage facilitly to rehearse?

Doug Masters

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I moved last year and lost my "drum room." Neighbors (one of whom works nights and sleeps during the day) are too close for me to play now at my home. I'm tired of paying $ to go practice at a rehearsal studio on a crummy kit. I do have an electronic kit at the house but nothing beats the real thing. Anybody ever use one of those storage units as their practice space? If so, any complaints with noise? Theft? Temperature issues? Thanks


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I would be more concerned about the weather and whether or not the unit would be available at all hours. If the unit does the 9-5 weekday hours that could hurt.


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I know a few bands who did this back in the day (circa late '90's in San Francisco) and two in particular who got all their gear nicked - distinct possibility that them being in there playing a few nights a week was like an advertisement to thieves: "music equipment to steal in here!"


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If you can find an indoor storeage unit that is temperature controlled, that is good. In Texas they are all over, but not sure where you are located. That will help with the kit staying somewhat in tune without having to worry about outdoor temp fluctuations.

Second like Gruntersdad suggested, the hours it is open and available may be an issue. I have my school bus (restoration project) stored at a facility that is open from 7 am - 9 pm. Try to find one open 24 x 7 if you can.

Good news is the more reliable storeage facilities, especially indoor units, have security cameras all over, so if theft is an issue, it's a least recorded.