Any Kansas / Phil Ehart fans?


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I think Audio Visions, vinyl confessionals and drastic measures what are the albums with some strong Christian lyrics. I bought the power album after drastic measures and started losing interest then. Since then I have picked up several albums between then and now and they're okay the not near as good as they're really stuff. I think Karry and Dave left the band after drastic measures and Steve Walsh returned. Steve Morris was with the band for a while you can sure tell his guitar work on the albums he played on.
yeah...Steve W had his rebirth around that time. I forgot about first GF got me that cassette for my actually was not that bad...might have to listen to that tonight


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I saw them last December at the Beacon in NYC. They played Leftoverture AND Point of Know Return complete PLUS a bunch of hits! It was a musical beatdown like I hadn't known since King Crimson in 2017. This was no oldies act--they played with precision and fire. I also know the new keyboard player, Tom Brislin, a monster performer/songwriter in his own right.