Any interest is silent heads?


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Plenty among the e-drum community (not so much for A-drummers but there's some that use them).
What type (ie how many plys) / brand are they?


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I have a whole set of Remo silent stroke heads on my kit. I love them for what they are. I can practice any time I want, playing as hard as I want. I really don't like my neighbors hearing me practice, so they work great for me.

Hollywood Jim

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If you like the sound of concert Toms (the ones with no heads on the bottom) but you are embarrassed by that 80’s look; then use them for bottom reso heads.



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I have sold 3 or 4 used Remo Silentstroke heads on Ebay for drum sizes I no longer own. On account of the mesh "give", they don't tend to dent or mark too much so assuming you price them reasonably they will sell. People are possibly wanting to try one out before investing in a full set.