Any Ideas for a Dry, Dark Sounding Snare


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I'd love one of them.
They'd sound similar to your drums, with the lighter hoop and shallower shell making it a bit more open.
I can't help but think the mahogany makes a difference - my maple Legacy, with otherwise similar construction, is anything but dark and dry! Rich, warm and lively is what I'd describe it. Very loud, too.


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Hey guys,

I have been on the prowl for sometime for a dry, dark snare drum. I'm open to any brand, new/used, any material, etc... I have about $800 to spend, if need be. Any ideas?

I currently have these snares:

Ludwig hammered Black Beauty (6.5X14)
Ludwig Legacy Classic (6.5X14)
Ludwig Supraphonic 400 (5X14)
Ludwig Classic Maple (6.5X14)

Ayotte Custom with wood hoops (5.5X14)
Gretsch USA Custom (6.5X14)
C&C maple (7X14)

Start your search with an Evans Dry head, with perfs. Looser, maybe thicker snare head, loosen strainer and go 6.5. I can go in all directions with my Masters and Reference snares, BUT... Your "dark may be different from my dark. G' luck!