Any gigs cancelled due to the virus?


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Just lost my reunion gig with my 80's band. Lot's of tickets sold, anticipated a blast, playing better than :(


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I don't understand how anyone things this is going to be normal soon. It hasn't even started yet. Plus even once it slows down, it can easily spike back up.

But. things WILL return to normal, and this s a great opportunity to practice and learn something new

TBH we arn't even booking in the fall right now. No point. We will have to see how this plays out. Plus, every band under the sun will be trying to get on gigs as soon as this is done, so even after we are good to go it's still going to be a mess for a while.


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Frankly I had been hoping for the gig this week to be cancelled (and it was), so I wouldn't have to do it myself. Likewise rehearsals and studios. It's really a dangerous thing that virus and everyone who attend conferences and religious ceremonies seem to get easily infected. Let alone health issues, where's the pleasure playing in such conditions?


Had half of a month long tour cancelled. A few grand in income just nuked. Sad, and frustrating, stressful, etc. But we’re keeping our chins up (by we I mean my wife and I, she’s the singer/songwriter and the one people pay to see). I got a full time “in-the-meantime” job, keeping the lights on while the industry recovers. I think I saw somebody in a reply above that the effects will be felt in the music industry in a lot wider way than just musicians losing gigs. Venues closing and stuff like that. I tend to agree, and I’m thinking the recovery will take a while longer than any of us would like. But that being said, I’m also confident it will recover.
Until it does though, here’s hoping everybody stays positive and healthy!