Any books for information on drums?


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I wasn't quite sure what category this would fall under so I chose General Discussion, but anyways...

I've really enjoyed all of the information I've acquired from drummerworld and I would like to get a book to teach me about drums... Not a technique book though, but more on how they're made, what different sounds the woods make, information on brands, the history of them, etc. I don't want anymore books to teach me drums at the moment nor do I really want to be taught how to shop for them. I would just like to extend my knowledge about drums.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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This isn't bad for a general overview:

As for specific books.....there's a few floating around. The history of the Ludwig Co. etc....but then again, a lot of that sort of info can be found right here on the forum in one way, shape or form. Keep reading the threads mate. I've learnt more about drums and their construction et al in a couple of years here than I did in 25 odd years prior.


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I always will keep up with the threads as long as i have the time and the internet, but I get tired of the computer screen and would prefer Drummerworld in book form is all lol


I highly recommend the following:

THE DRUM HANDBOOK by Geoff Nicholls - I believe this may be the most comprehensive book on drum gear available. I have read it 4 times thus far! The book is only 160 pages but don't let that fool you as the information is very concise as he leaves out all generalizations. In fact, I used my highlighter so much that practically my entire book ended up yellow!! Hahaha. It details everything from cymbals, sticks, drums, hardware, maintenance, tuning, drum-heads, construction to vintage, touring, recording, endorsements, resource directory, technical terms section, myth busters & more;) Three thumbs up if only I had a third thumb!!

I would also suggest: THE CYMBAL BOOK - Hugo Pinksterboer - This is the absolute word on cymbal knowledge for cymbalholics;)

....and perhaps explore the many other Drum Reference books available:



dude i read "Drummin' Men". soooo sweeet. i've read it three times-lol. It's got the history of the old days of drumming, when they were the frontmen of their bands! guys like buddy rich, gene krupa, art balky, elvin jones, sid cattle, nd soooo many more!