Any big name drummers ever do something to rub you the RIGHT way?


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Not my story, but a story from my drum teacher who met Neil Peart when he was out on a bike ride. My teacher talked with him about life and biking, never even mentioning music once. He said it was a really pleasant conversation and they were both glad to share a common interest.


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Unbelievably, I recently received a FB friend request from a chap who became one of my heroes when we got chatting after his slot at last year's Manchester Drum Show. He was SO nice, so helpful, informative, polite, and not a bit condescending. He can't have a clue who I am - largely, of course, because I'm nobody - but naturally I accepted the friend request; he's told me to be sure to say hello at this year's MDS, which I certainly will do, though if he's expecting me to look like my profile photo, he's going to be disappointed :D


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Gavin Harrison. He's super friendly and helpful here, and I met him at a clinic in November, truly a stand up guy.

Ian Piace. Met him at an autograph session at a local drum shop, and despite the lineup, took a few minutes to talk to me about how long I've been playing, what my musical interests were and just genuinely took interest in me as a fan. Didn't treat me like I was in an assembly line.
Thanks for sharing that. I am really glad to hear how nice Ian Paice was to you. I've never had the pleasure to meet him and have always thought he is the best rock drummer (Yes, even better than Bonham, heresy though that may be). It's good to know that heroes and famous people can be as cool as they are talented. :)

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I've only met one big name drummer from memory, and that's Bermuda. We got along well over an Indian curry, and he gave me a complimentary ticket in the third row to see Weird Al at a venue near where I was living at the time.

My only complaint was that bloody vibrating throne he had when he invited me to try his kit and it scared me so much that I couldn't play for shit :)

My theory is that big name drummers are actually just people, even if it doesn't seem that way when you see them play at times.


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On my return to gigging with a band a couple of years back we got a support slot playing with the UK Subs.

Their drummer, Jamie Oliver (not the chef...the punk rock drummer) isn't particularly famous but is well known amongst the punk fraternity.

Anyway, the venue had a slippery floor and I hadn't yet got hold of a drum rug. So as he's setting up his gear I'm discussing with the sound engineer what I'm going to do. As we grabbed the gaffer tape and some sticks to hold the drums in place, Jamie started moving his drums off his drum mat and away from the stage.

Sound engineer asked what he was doing...he said "here, use my rug".

Really, an incredibly decent gesture. It's not like moving his full kit was a small job either.